Benjamin Domae

Hi! I’m a 5th year MS/PhD student in the CORES Lab. My research interests include millimeter-wave (mmW) communications and machine learning applications in wireless communications.


  • PhD, Electrical and Computer Engineering, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, 2019-Present
  • MS, Electrical and Computer Engineering, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, 2019-2021
  • BS, Electrical Engineering, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, 2015-2019

CORES Publications

B. W. Domae, V. Boljanovic, R. Li, D. Cabric, "Machine Learning Prediction for Phase-less Millimeter-Wave Beam Tracking," in the 23rd IEEE International Workshop on Signal Processing Advances in Wireless Communications (SPAWC), July 2022
B. W. Domae, D. Cabric, D. W. Browne, "MIMO Hybrid Beamforming for Line-of-Sight Interference Channels," in the 2022 IEEE 95th Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC2022-Spring), June 2022
B. W. Domae, C. Chen, D. Cabric, "Energy Efficiency Tradeoffs for Sub-THz Multi-User MIMO Base Station Receivers," in 2022 55th IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS), May 2022
H. Yan, B. W. Domae, D. Cabric, "mmRAPID: Machine Learning assisted Noncoherent Compressive Millimeter-Wave Beam Alignment," in the 4th ACM Workshop on Millimeter-Wave Networks and Sensing Systems (mmNets), September 2020

Other Publications

Google Scholar Profile

With the ELFIN (Electron Losses and Fields Investigation) CubeSat program:

V. Angelopoulos, E. Tsai, L. Bingley, C. Shaffer, D. L. Turner, A. Runov, W. Li, J. Liu, A. V. Artemyev, X.-J. Zhang, R. J. Strangeway, R. E. Wirz, Y. Y. Shprits, V. A. Sergeev, R. P. Caron, M. Chung, P. Cruce, W. Greer, E. Grimes, K. Hector, M. J. Lawson, D. Leneman, E. V. Masongsong, C. L. Russell, C. Wilkins, D. Hinkley, J. B. Blake, N. Adair, M. Allen, M. Anderson, M. Arreola-Zamora, J. Artinger, J. Asher, D. Branchevsky, M. R. Capitelli, R. Castro, G. Chao, N. Chung, M. Cliffe, K. Colton, C. Costello, D. Depe, B. W. Domae, S. Eldin, L. Fitzgibbon, A. Flemming, I. Fox, D. M. Frederick, A. Gilbert, A. Gildemeister, A. Gonzalez, B. Hesford, S. Jha, N. Kang, J. King, R. Krieger, K. Lian, J. Mao, E. McKinney, J. P. Miller, A. Norris, M. Nuesca, A. Palla, E. S. Y. Park, C. E. Pedersen, Z. Qu, R. Rozario, E. Rye, R. Seaton, A. Subramanian, S. R. Sundin, A. Tan, W. Turner, A. J. Villegas, M. Wasden, G. Wing, C. Wong, E. Xie, S. Yamamoto, R. Yap, A. Zarifian and G. Y. Zhang, “The ELFIN Mission,” Space Sci Rev 216, 103, July 2020.


  • National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship, 2021
  • Best Paper Award, 4th ACM Workshop on Millimeter-Wave Networks and Sensing Systems
  • Member, Tau Beta Pi
  • Member, IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu

Teaching Experience

  • Teaching Assistant, ECE 102 (Signals and Systems), Winter 2021
  • Teaching Assistant, ECE M16 (Digital Logic Design), Winter 2020

Industry Experience

  • Summer Research Program, MIT Lincoln Lab (3 summers)
  • Summer Intern, The Aerospace Corporation (3 summers)
  • Summer Intern, Northrop Grumman Corporation (2 summers)


  • bdomae[at]ucla[dot]edu