Millimeter-wave Signal Processing Algorithm Design

Millimeter-wave (mmW) wireless communication will be a key component in the future cellular networks (5G and beyond). High frequency used for mmW systems create unique characteristics and challenges as compared to conventional communication systems below 6GHz. Due to severe propagation loss of the signal, the mmW wireless communication channels have sparse scattering. Furthermore, array architectures and physical layer procedures are dramatically different than in conventional systems, as mmW systems have an order of magnitude higher carrier frequency, processing bandwidth, and number of antenna elements. In this study, we have two goals:

  1. We provide an understanding of how unique features in mmW communication (e.g., channel sparsity, large antenna arrays, etc.) affect system performance of important physical layer procedures, including initial access, transceiver synchronization, channel tracking, beamforming, and multiplexing.
  2. We develop and analyze novel low-complexity digital signal processing algorithms to improve the performance of above physical layer procedures in mmW networks.


  • Principal Investigator: Danijela Cabric
  • Students: Han Yan, Veljko Boljanovic, Benjamin Domae

Selected Publications

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