Millimeter Wave Spectrum Sharing using Analog True Time Delay Array based Wideband Nulling

Millimeter wave (mmWave) cellular networks are characterized by dense deployments of base stations and users. Identifying spectrum-sharing opportunities in these bands is of crucial importance to ensure optimal spectrum utilization. However, non-cooperating cellular operators sharing spectral resources suffer from capacity degradation due to wideband interference. Without explicit channel knowledge and coordination across operators, interference suppression with the analog phased antenna arrays deployed by the mmWave antenna front end is difficult.

This project aims to develop low-complexity and low-latency wideband interference nulling solution using analog True-Time-Delay arrays to facilitate spectrum sharing between operators without requiring explicit channel estimation and strict coordination between operators. Additionally, in sparse mmWave channels, it is possible to obtain low-latency estimates of interference angles of arrival (AoA), which can be used to realize a closed-form nulling solution using analog True Time Delay (TTD) arrays.


PI: Danijela Cabric

Students: Aditya Wadaskar, Shamik Sarkar