Ghaith Hattab

I’m doing a PhD in Electrical Engineering at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). My advisor is Prof. Danijela Čabrić. You can view my resume here (or my CV here).

My research interests lie in the areas of wireless communications and networking, with emphasis on spectrum sharing and coexistence of wireless systems. I leverage tools like optimization, signal processing, stochastic processes, and communication theory to solve wireless communications challenges, particularly those pertaining massive IoT connectivity, ultra-reliable communications for industrial IoT, and dynamic spectrum access.

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  • UCLA Electrical Engineering Departmental Fellowship
  • IEEE Kingston Section M.Sc. Research Excellence Award
  • Queen’s University Graduate Award
  • Recipient of the Presidential Cup awarded by His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan Al Qassimi
  • Recipient of Ministry of Presidential Affairs (MOPA) Fellowship

Projects (at CORES)

Spectrum sharing techniques for massive IoT communications

  • The objective is to develop architectures and frameworks that provide Internet connectivity for a massive number of IoT devices. We consider both licensed and unlicensed-based access. In the licensed access, the objective is to develop PHY/MAC solutions that enable a harmonious coexistence of IoT devices and cellular users. In the unlicensed case, the objective is to develop sensing-free and sensing-based solutions that are resilient to interference from incumbent networks.

Inter-tier interference mitigation for 5G networks

  • The objective is to design interference mitigation algorithms and protocols to enable harmonious coexistance of macro and femto BSs.

Load balancing and user association for 5G networks

  • The goal is to design low-complexity load-aware user association policies that are suitable for 5G networks. In particular, these policies should balance the load across BSs belonging to different tiers, e.g., femto and macro BSs.

Selected Publications

For a complete list, please visit my website here.




Talks and Posters

  • G. Hattab and Danijela Cabric, “Ultra-narrowband Networks for Massive IoT: Modeling, Analysis and Design Insights”, UCLA Annual Research Review (ARR 2018), Apr. 2018.
  • G. Hattab and Danijela Cabric, “Massive Cellular IoT Communications via Mobile Data Aggregators”, UCLA Annual Research Review (ARR 2017), Apr. 2017.
  • G. Hattab and Danijela Cabric, “Rate-biased User Association for Downlink Multi-antenna Heterogeneous Networks”, UCLA Annual Research Review (ARR 2016), Feb. 2016.

Contact Information

  • Email:sghattab-at-ucla.eduuu
  • Phone: (Lab) +1 310 206 9252
  • Website: Here
  • LinkedIn